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Software Developer Role - Shrewsbury / Homebased

Software Developer


18k to 25k


Flexible working hours, flexi time, work from home.

The role involves working as a developer on a range of programming languages, such as Python, LAMP and Mobile/Aoo Development. Tso they are interested in some with a passion to learn and develop in these areas and also some one interested in a varied role.

This is an opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies, on local, national and international digital health projects. The Company works to improve the way that information is shared between IT systems in healthcare.

Working alongside the business owner, and in collaboration with other organisations, you will be able to see all aspects of a digital health business, and contribute where your strengths and interests take you…

The description below describes the space within which there are opportunities. The ideal candidate will not cover the full scope, but will be clear on where they want to deliver value, and how they will use this as an opportunity to develop new skills.

Areas of Work:

  • Imaging: Medical Imaging Migration Projects – tooling to simplify the tracking and reporting of projects – both as a project like others that have tasks, milestones and risks, and the specifics of imaging data migration. Also improving the structure of project documentation so that relevant information can be delivered in an automated and targeted fashion

  • Standards: Health Information Standards Development – developing prototypes, examples and test harnesses to accelerate the development and adoption of national and international standards for health information exchange

  • Platforms: Bringing Digital Platforms and Languages to Healthcare – develop prototypes, examples, documents, workshops and presentations to show how platforms and languages can be used in a healthcare context.

  • Domains: Establish how data sharing could improve the health of a population or the delivery of healthcare, taking a specific domain (end of life care, heart failure, etc) or organisation as a focus. Tie the data sharing requirements back to outcomes and success criteria, and show how existing information systems can be used better, and developing new solutions.

  • Strategy to Coalface: Mapping information needs at all levels of the healthcare enterprise, identifying the information that is needed to make and evaluate strategic decisions, as map these metrics through to operational activities, and the information that is needed to ensure individual patient care is effectively delivered.


  • Fluent in at least 1 platform/language

  • Python, Javascript, R, Java, PHP/LAMP, HTML5, IOS/Android apps development, or other programming language

  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and platforms

  • Interest in health

  • Either because of work experience, as a patient or carer, or for some other reason.

  • Graduate

  • Good degree, or evidence of equivalent skills and achievements

  • Conversational Communication Skills

  • Ability to engage in (for example) open source projects, present at workshops and network effectively at meetings and conferences. Ability to identify and follow through on collaboration opportunities.

  • Written and Visual Communication Skills

  • Ability to create documents that are easy and delightful to read, and that include enough visuals to work for those for whom English is not a first language.

Nice to Have

  • Healthcare Information Standards: DICOM, HL7v2, HL7 CDA, FHIR, SNOMED, Read Codes, ICD…

  • Middleware and data transformation experience

  • Configuration of frameworks/platforms: Google Apps, Drupal, Microsolf Office, etc

  • Healthcare organisation experience

  • Project management skills, and the ability to coordinate the efforts of others.

  • The initiative to define a project, make the business case for doing it, and then making it happen

Typical Assignments (1 day, 1 week, or 1 month)

  • Develop a Python prototype application to generate a dashboard for patients approaching the end of life. Develop a one hour presentation to explain to Python developers what you have done, how you got the data, and the healthcare-specific issues that you have addressed.

  • Create a prototype app for viewing a migration project status on a mobile device – with a dashboard including rate of migration and classes of studies identified as problematic.

  • Create a Docker deployment of an open source data sharing platform, and document how to maintain it, and how to refine it with additional docker containers to implement a particular data sharing workflow.

Working Conditions

  • Salary: £18-25k

  • Based in Shrewsbury (with Birmingham Innovation Centre an option)

  • 5 weeks holiday

  • Part time / flexitime / job-share welcome

  • Office-based with plenty of scope for remote / home working

  • Travel – opportunities if wanted

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