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LAMP Developer role based in Birchwood, Warrington

Job Type : Full-time

Salary : £32,000 a year

Job Title : PHP Developer

Location : Birchwood, Warrington

Company details:

This company work in the telecoms industry and specialise in PHP, MySQL and Apache development. They build new sites with PHP/MySQL, delivering dynamic content and e-commerce solutions. They often get involved with existing projects, to complete them or to build new features.

Job Description:

This role will be developing applications used in the telecoms industry. Telecoms industry experience would be an advantage. They develop on the LAMP stack using the nginx, maria-db and php 5/7 running on a variety of Linux flavours (mostly Ubuntu/Debian) running remotely in datacentres in Manchester and London. They SSH to these machines from their office in Birchwood and use vim to edit source code directly and git for version control. They use our own lightweight MVC framework with composer to manage dependencies. We use Smarty 3 as our templating engine of choice. We authenticate with Microsoft Azure AD and use SAML for SSO across our apps. We also interface with several third-party systems including Salesforce for pipeline management, Sandvine for network traffic shaping, Google Maps API, PRISM for billing, along with several payment processors (Pesapal, M-Pesa, Cybersource) and many others.


  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • JQuery

  • Apache

  • Linux

  • MVC

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Organisational skills - with the ability to multi-task and handle tight deadlines

  • Strong attention to detail

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